Burning Airfield Vorschießen 2022

Are you in the mood for Burning Airfield? WE ALSO !!!

This is exactly why we have come up with an alternative program for this year that every Burning Airfield fan can attend and best of all => FREE entry for each of these individual advances.


Why are we doing this?

We are at least as sad that the usual Burning Airfield cannot take place this year as every other visitor, manufacturer, crew member, restaurateur, DJ and everyone else involved. A time full of restrictions is behind us, at this point we don't want to bother anyone with the well-known Corona topics, we just want to point out once again that it was anything but easy for us to organize the BURNING AIRFIELD event in the last few years to let the usual trains take place.


We don't want to rest on our laurels and throw everything away. On the contrary: We have come up with something very special for our Burning Airfield fans and are also happy to announce that we are already in full swing with the planning for Burning Airfield 2023.


What to expect?

Together with the manufacturers/importers, we have considered making the sky shine on several weekends in September and October (around the actual Burning Airfield). Unlike usual, not at an airfield.

You can find out exactly how in the coming weeks on the Burning Airfield Instagram and Facebook account. But first, here is some of the most important information:

First things first: Admission to all three BA pre-shoots is free of charge


there will be the popular BA-Ü packages again, in which all the advance companies and sponsors are represented. These can be purchased from the pyro workshop on 09/10/22. The proceeds will be invested in the Burning Airfield 2023 to make it even more spectacular.

All this only for our Burning Airfield fans and because we at Team Explosive Arts and Burning Airfield give everything to support and further promote the common passion.

You can all contribute by securing a ticket for the next Burning Airfield, because that gives us more planning security!


Further information:

We make toilets, parking spaces and catering available for all events. We think you understand that our partners in the catering industry set prices for their offers that are fair but still affordable for you.

There will also again be a press pit for people who want to capture lasting memories of the BA advances. Here, too, we have considered making this free of charge for this year. The following applies: Whoever comes first (chooses the best seat) and whoever comes last may have to be satisfied with a seat outside the press pit. Everyone in the press pit will receive an ID so that they can leave their seat after taking their seat without having to worry about losing it again.

We will also provide disabled viewing places so that the best view of the fireworks is not denied.



10.09.: 1. XA und BA PYRO WORKSHOP

17.09.: 1. BA-Vorschießen with Pyroweb and MAGNUM Feuerwerk

24.09.: 2. BA-Vorschießen with Pyroland, El Gato and Pyro Specials List of shots

15.10.: 3. BA-Vorschießen with Röder Feuerwerk and Apel Feuerwerk

Events 2022

17.09.2022 - Burning Airfield Vorschießen - Teil 1

ca. 17:00 - 23:00

24.09.2022 - Burning Airfield Vorschießen - Teil 2

ca. 17:00 - 23:00 mit DJ

15.10.2022 - Burning Airfield Vorschießen - Teil 3

Events 2023

25.03. und 09.09.2023 - Pyro-Workshop