September 11th, 2021



One Vision - one team - unique fireworks

Set an example together!



For several months now, we have been in a difficult time, in which many restrictions dominate everyday life and people have to shop with masks. The event industry is on the verge of collapse.

Unpredictability and uncertainty are the coordinates to which almost everything is now aligned.

This makes our solidarity all the more important, for our passion that we all share and what Burning Airfield stands for. We will overcome this crisis and come out of it stronger and then we will continue to pursue what connects us all and what is close to our hearts: the ephemeral art of fireworks

We will therefore carry out the Burning Airfield, whether in a Lockdown Edition 2.0 or in the usual way with certain restrictions. In order to implement our plans, we depend on the support of EVERYONE. The manufacturers who support us, the visitors who buy their tickets in advance, which allows us to better assess how great the interest is for the next BA, those who buy the BA mouthguard or the BA Community Crew Shirt (available soon) Buy Knallköppe, our partners from the event industry, regulatory agencies, our families and many more.


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